radare, the reverse engineering framework

Crowdfunding for the RSoC

We are looking to implement the following features organizing the Radare Summer Of Code. We need funding to reward participants of the program that get those points done.


We are open to accept participants before 3 May. Send us an e-mail at rsoc@radare.org. We are organizing the tasks in this pad

For more information see: http://radare.org/rsoc/


  • 22 April - participants application open
  • 3 May - participants application closes
  • 8 May - announce applicants/tasks - start discussing specific details of the task
  • 17 Jun - start coding (END OF CROWDFUNDING)
  • 16 Sep - Pencils down!
  • 27 Sep - Everything must be merged in main branch


You can donate to the crowdfunding program using paypal, bitcoin or dogecoin. We will use this money to pay contributors. The collected amounts will be public, the money will not be returned.

Contributors may get the money in their prefered currency (we may trade to get the money for the desired coin). We are looking to achieve at least 9000 EUR in order to pay 3000 EUR to each participant.

Current amounts

Euros: 1487 / 12000 EUR

Bitcoin: 0.6 / 40 BTC

Dogecoins: 123935 / 15000000 XDG

Payment links

Note that the bitcoin crowdfunding address (1RSoC..) is different to the bitcoin donations (1R4daRE...)


We want to make r2 a first class citizen in several reverse engineering areas. We need your help to make this happen.