radare, the reverse engineering framework
Embedded web ui

r2 comes with a work-in-progress web interface that runs on top of an embedded webserver
$ r2 -c=H /bin/ls
If you are too lazy to build or install radare2 in your system, check this online demo: cloud.radare.org


Bokken is the python graphical user interface for radare2.

It aims to cover all code analysis and binary introspection capabilities and made them simple to use throught a GTK ui.

Some of the panel views of bokken are: disassembly, hexdump, code graph, bindiffing, ..

Project page: bokken@inguma
Blog: ingumadev@blogspot
On twitter: @ingumito


This is the closed source GUI for r2 which aims to be a complete frontend for all the capabilities of r2. This is: forensics, debugging, code analysis, binary manipulation, ...

At the moment it's work in progress, and it's not stable enought or feature complete to be released to the public.

Ragui is written in Vala and GtkAML and it is known to run on Linux, Windows and OSX with their respective installers and without any dependency thanks to the build farm.

Twitter: locklabs@twitter
Screenshots: product@locklabs