Typescript APIs for radare2

The r2papi module implements a set of idiomatic and high-level APIs that are based on top of the minimalistic r2pipe API.

The constructor of the R2Papi class takes an actual r2pipe instance, which only requires the .cmd() method to interface with radare2.

The whole r2papi module is documented and integrates well with any editor with LSP support (like Visual Studio Code or NeoVIM)

R2Papi relies on commands and functionalities that were implemented around r2-5.8.x, so take this into account and update your software!

Note that TypeScript usually transpiles to Javascript, and as long as r2 ships it's own javascript runtime (based on QuickJS, which is ES6) it is possible to run the resulting r2papi scripts without any extra dependency in your system.

But that does not mean that you need r2 to use r2papi, you can also use this module from NodeJS, Bun, Frida and even r2frida-compile!

Install the Radare2 Skeleton tool and check the project templates in the r2skel repository to start writing your scripts and plugins on top of this API.

$ r2pm -ci r2skel


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