Radare2 RSoC 2019 Introduction Rules Project Ideas Micro Tasks





Every mentor should:

If Radare2 administrators reasonably believes that a Mentor has failed to meet any of the foregoing responsibilities, team will designate a replacement Mentor and remove the former Mentor from the Program.




Project Proposals



Each accepted Student will perform all necessary additional steps required for the Student to participate in the Program, including: - participating in the Community Bonding Period - working diligently to complete the Project as it may be modified with the agreement of the RSoC administrators - participating in the Radare community and adhering to the Radare rules and codes of conduct - publishing his or her Project code in a publicly accessible location and under license of the Radare.org choice. - If RSoC mentors or administrators reasonably believes that a Student has failed to meet the foregoing responsibilities, they may remove such Student from the Program.


Final Results

Radare.org will announce the Final Results on the RSoC'19 program site and Radare2 official blog.

--radare2 @ 2019